Ideas from Exploratory Project

The last project was all about laying the foundations for the final major, so I thought it would be useful for me to post the key ideas from that project to help with inspiration.

I started off taking photographs of the beach huts on Hove seafront.

From these images, I did some paintings and collages to get some idea of what I wanted my warp to look like and what coloured weft I wanted... basically figure out the whole design of the cloth.

From these pages of my sketchbook, I developed a series of exploratory samples. I used a mercerised cotton warp and linen weft. 

I used a block draft to mimic the contrast between the architecture in the images. I wanted to incorporate the diamond motif in the designs. 

I think the main points I am going to take forward in the final major project is the incorporation of the diamond motif, the colour blocks and the use of block draft.