Upcycling is basically recycling waste objects and turning them into products that have a much higher value and quality, it’s pretty much high-end recycling! There are designers like Zoe Murphy who prints onto recycled furniture to give unwanted items a new life and to encourage people to “consume more carefully”. The company LEFTOVERS have a collection of chairs upholstered entirely from reused fabrics and clothes. And the designer Lucy Norman uses found objects and waste materials to create beautiful products such as jewelery. 
My outcome for this final project is to upcycle old dining chairs and form a collection based around my theme of beach huts and british seaside towns. I have sourced one chair so far which I bought for £3 at a boot fair! 
I’ve always been interested in recycling and giving furniture a new life. I think it is something everyone should do. Not only is it good for the environment and your bank account, it’s always nice to have something in your home that you have made and that you are proud of.