3rd way point

So I am a 3rd of the way through my final major project and I thought it would be useful to just summarise my thoughts on my work so far, what I have achieved and what I want to achieve before the formative assessment which is in 2 weeks!

From a functional point of view, I think that the double cloth/ all over stitching cloth is working very well to create a thick, sustainable upholstery fabric. All though it takes me almost a week to thread, I am going to continue with this technique.

From a design point of view, the colour blending on certain sections of my samples is really interesting. I also like the contrast between the pattern and block colour which relates back to my collages and original images really well.

Before formative assessment I am going to do another exploratory warp to determine decisions about colour proportion in the warp and the weft and to decide on structure.
I had a play on photoshop to see what a busier warp would look like:

I think this is really interesting and I may go down this route on my next warp.


First Coloured Exploratory Warp

In this warp, I am experimenting with colour blending to echo the reflection in my images. I am also experimenting with an all over stitching warp to make the fabric more dense so it is suitable for upholstery. Aswell as this I am playing around with structure to figure out the texture of the fabric.

After 5 days of painful threading, I have finally started to weave these samples. At the moment, I am liking the colour blending of the reflection area and the strip of texture but the rest of the warp seems a bit too plain. However, what worked about the collages I created was the contrast between the pattern and the block colour. I think I have achieved this contrast in this warp but maybe I could possibly space out the texture and pattern instead of having it all in one place?


Mad for the Collage

                                                    Been busy making loads of these collages.

Weaving Textures


Grey is an Underrated Colour

From the photographs I took over the weekend, I have created some collages. When taking the photos, I had in mind what I wanted the warp to look like so the composition of the images are linear. I scanned in my samples from the stitching warp to get an idea of texture along with colour. I also photocopied the images of the textural qualities of the beach huts onto tracing paper so the colour could come through. The idea is to have a stitching warp going all the way across which will stitch in the texture.
So here is the outcome of one of the collages I found most interesting:

 What I like most about the photographs is the contrast between the dark greys and the bright colours which I have tried to echo. The reflection on the ground is also something I find interesting.
I experimented with the photocopy of the sample on a card winding
I think the contrast between bright colours and greys have been successful here along with the texture.

I find that grey is a seriously underrated colour. It brings out the brightness of colour in a subtle, soft way which in an interior is a really nice quality. This image is from pinterest:


Back to Hove

After my tutorial on Thursday, I have decided to scrap the idea of having each chair relate to different aspects of the seaside holiday as it's a lot of work for a short space of time and I'm not feeling all that great or inspired by it.
So today I went back to Hove to take new photographs of the beach huts. Because of all the rough weather, some of the huts have taken a bit of a bashing which has caused some really nice textural effects.

To develop this theme further from the exploratory project, I'm thinking of incorporating textures in with the previous focus which was on colour.
As I was taking these photos, I got caught up in a really heavy hail storm...

Because of the water on the ground after this storm, the colour of the doors were reflected which adds a really nice effect to the images. I am thinking of incorporating this reflecting into my warp to see what kind of outcome it gives me.

I love the contrast between the dramatic grey sky and the dark, wet, grey ground and the brightness of the beach huts. I think these images are really successful and can't wait to collage and work them into my sketchbook!


Sourcing the Chairs

So far I have managed to source one of my four/ five chairs. I bought this one over the Summer at a boot fair for £3! Its a beautiful design, really sturdy and very comfy!

As you can see I have already started refurbishing it. I stripped the varnish and given it a white base coat. The rest of the chairs I will buy from second hand furniture shops or see if I have any family members with unwanted dining furniture. It's dawning on me now that I have just over 3 months to find these chairs, strip them, paint them, design and make the fabric and upholster them. I think I'm going to need Dad's help!!