3rd way point

So I am a 3rd of the way through my final major project and I thought it would be useful to just summarise my thoughts on my work so far, what I have achieved and what I want to achieve before the formative assessment which is in 2 weeks!

From a functional point of view, I think that the double cloth/ all over stitching cloth is working very well to create a thick, sustainable upholstery fabric. All though it takes me almost a week to thread, I am going to continue with this technique.

From a design point of view, the colour blending on certain sections of my samples is really interesting. I also like the contrast between the pattern and block colour which relates back to my collages and original images really well.

Before formative assessment I am going to do another exploratory warp to determine decisions about colour proportion in the warp and the weft and to decide on structure.
I had a play on photoshop to see what a busier warp would look like:

I think this is really interesting and I may go down this route on my next warp.