Back to Hove

After my tutorial on Thursday, I have decided to scrap the idea of having each chair relate to different aspects of the seaside holiday as it's a lot of work for a short space of time and I'm not feeling all that great or inspired by it.
So today I went back to Hove to take new photographs of the beach huts. Because of all the rough weather, some of the huts have taken a bit of a bashing which has caused some really nice textural effects.

To develop this theme further from the exploratory project, I'm thinking of incorporating textures in with the previous focus which was on colour.
As I was taking these photos, I got caught up in a really heavy hail storm...

Because of the water on the ground after this storm, the colour of the doors were reflected which adds a really nice effect to the images. I am thinking of incorporating this reflecting into my warp to see what kind of outcome it gives me.

I love the contrast between the dramatic grey sky and the dark, wet, grey ground and the brightness of the beach huts. I think these images are really successful and can't wait to collage and work them into my sketchbook!