Grey is an Underrated Colour

From the photographs I took over the weekend, I have created some collages. When taking the photos, I had in mind what I wanted the warp to look like so the composition of the images are linear. I scanned in my samples from the stitching warp to get an idea of texture along with colour. I also photocopied the images of the textural qualities of the beach huts onto tracing paper so the colour could come through. The idea is to have a stitching warp going all the way across which will stitch in the texture.
So here is the outcome of one of the collages I found most interesting:

 What I like most about the photographs is the contrast between the dark greys and the bright colours which I have tried to echo. The reflection on the ground is also something I find interesting.
I experimented with the photocopy of the sample on a card winding
I think the contrast between bright colours and greys have been successful here along with the texture.

I find that grey is a seriously underrated colour. It brings out the brightness of colour in a subtle, soft way which in an interior is a really nice quality. This image is from pinterest: