Beginning of the Finals

Today marked the first day of making my final samples. And after spending 5 hours warp winding, my back is definitely feeling the end is near!

I am weaving 2 warps for my final samples. One large scale stripes and one smaller scale, 5 50-60 cm samples on each.

Chairs Taking Shape!!

I wrapped one of my large scale samples around one of the seats that will be upholstered with my fabric just to see it the size was right and how the stripes should be positioned. Its all starting to take shape. Exciting!!


The Penultimate Samples

The past few weeks have been really hard work. I decided to weave exploratory samples that were the scale in which I would make my final samples. This proved to be a lot more time consuming than I thought, taking me a week to thread!(although I was ill so I have an excuse.)

Although it was a lot of stress, I am pleased with the outcome and I now know what I am doing for the final 2 warps and these last 10 samples.