Home Straight

So it's coming to the end of the project now, and the end of the course!

The last two warps have gone really well. I made some happy accidents which has worked really well and created some interesting colour blending within the warp. I have almost finished weaving, only having two samples left to make. I will have 14 final samples altogether... I think that will be enough!

Because the nature of the degree show has changed from last years 3rd year show, I am now unable to upholster the chairs for my project so instead I am showing my fabrics as samples and making the chairs after I am done with all the uni shows and exhibitions. For the photoshoot I am doing in Fabguest Hotel in Brighton, I am pinning the fabric to the seats so hopefully it will still look good.

This week is now focused on painting the chairs. I'm not sure about how to go about this yet... I think that having the chairs block colours will look a bit too much with the colourful fabric. I like the white of this chair with the coloured seat but with the interior setting I have in mind, it may not work.


I am thinking possibly painting sections different colours along with grey. See what happens.