The Busiest But Best Week

This week has been so sooo busy but so amazing. I graduated university with a 2:1 in BA(Hons) Textiles for Fashion and Interiors. It was such a lovely day meeting everyone's family and was the first time in a very long time that my brother, sister, mum and dad were all together which made it even more special.

I'm going to miss the textiles girls so much! We've grown so close over the 3 years and helped each other with broken threads, dye recipes and tackling the cone winder! Going to be weird not going back in September and seeing them in the studio everyday.

Aswell as graduation, it's been New Designers all week which has been such a good experience.

I've had soo much lovely feedback from both members of the public and companies about my work its overwhelming! After working ridiculously hard for a long time it makes it all worth it. I'm one proud weaver beaver :) #weaversadventure


1st Promotion

Got my first bit of promotion; an article in Cover Magazine about New Designers with mine and a few other graduates work.

Read the article here

And on the New Designers website

So exciting :)


New Designers Prep

So next week is New Designers and I have been busy getting everything sorted and organised for it. Started off by laying out all my work and deciding what I wanted to exhibit. After 2 days of playing around and seeing what looks good where, I settled on 4 of my final samples and a selection of my sketchbook work and boards. It is important that my samples are really tight against the board to show that they are intended to be upholstered onto a flat surface.

I have also been sorting out press packs and what work to go into the folders which will be displayed on the plinth. I'm pretty much putting everything in as all of my sketchbook work is related to the designing and decision making that has gone into this project.

And with my press packs all done, I'm all set and ready for New Designers 2014 :) :)