Using the photos I took in Scotland to do some paintings and get some colour work together.


50's Fun!

Whilst I was away in Scotland, I came across a set of really lovely pastel vintage tea cups which I bought 12 sets for £20!! They inspired me to do a little 50's tea party themed photoshoot with my good friend Louise Strudwick (artist/designer/illustrator/photographer) which meant I could practise my styling skills and make everything look pretty!

We only set it up in Lou's garden and used our own collections of vintage crockery, dresses, bunting etc but I think the outcome is fun, vibrant, colourful and a bit of a victorian/1950's mash up!


Post Scotland

I'm back from my week away in Scotland. Its so nice up there! It's good to be around different surroundings to get the creative juices flowing.

I didn't take any painting/ drawing equipment with me (stupid woman!) so I went out with my camera a lot and took some photos of the Scottish scenery.

We went to Loch Fyne on the west coast. It's a sea Loch surrounded by mountains and LOTS of seaweed! I collected some shells from the beach to draw now I am home and paint from the photographs so lets see what happens!