Today I ventured up to merry London for a day of art galleries... (well 2 art galleries and Brick Lane. Time got the better of us!)

The highlight was the Saatchi gallery in Chelsea. There were so many varied collections on display in the Pangaea: New Art from Africa and Latin America exhibition but my favourite was the bright and vibrant work of Boris Nzebo.

From a weavers point of view, I love the combination of colours and the layering of lines and shapes. But what is most amazing is how he has managed to get such crisp and clean lines by hand painting! I thought it was screen printed!

My other favourites were Antonio Malta Campos and Vincent Michea. Again for weavy reasons, I really liked the colour combinations and shapes.

And of course the really striking installation by Rafael Gomezbarros. Made me feel very itchy all over!


Selvedge Window

A few months ago, I was invited to display my work in the window of the Selvedge Magazine shop in Archway road in London. Today I set up the display with the help of my fabulous friend Louise. After 2 (ish) hours of hammering, pins bending (argh!!) and shifting things around, we finally finished it. It's like an explosion in a skittles factory!!

I am SOO pleased with the end result! Particularly the little display of my hand dyed yarn with my shuttle, reeding hook and threading hook I bought way back in 1st year of uni.

I would like to thank Selvedge for giving me this opportunity :)

 The window is up from 1st September to 30th September at 162 Archway Road, London. If you're in the area, go and have a look see :)