Sussex Love

Living near Eastbourne in Sussex, I am lucky enough to experience the balance of country and seaside living.
Being so close to the coast is lovely. I love to be able to walk along a seafront, especially when the sea is rough and crashing against the beach. One of my favourite spots along the Sussex coast line is the Seven Sisters cliffs at Birling Gap. I love the contrast between the bright white cliffs, the green grass and blue water.

The South Downs is a massive inspiration to me. The views from the top of the Downs is a visual text book definition of English countryside. On a clear day you can see for miles and miles, it's like a 3D map right in front of you.

If you're standing at the top and turn around, the views out towards the sea are just as amazing

These views have inspired me in various projects; with my sewing and stitching:

And my weaving. My Eastbourne to London lambswool blanket is a translation of the change in scenery from the country to the city.

Venturing west along the coast from Eastbourne is Hove seafront, home to the extremely colourful beach huts and the birth of my ideas for my Hove Sweet Hove collection.

Sussex is such a beautiful part of the world, home to many iconic views and landscapes that inspire my photography, painting, sewing and weaving. I love it so much that I thought it deserved a lengthy blog post!