5 Reasons to Become an Artist/ Designer

1. Probably the main perk of the 'becoming' an artist or designer is the fact that when you are studying on an art/ design course there are no exams! Even though having 3 projects on the go at the same time and having next to no social life, not having to revise and study for a horrible 3 hour exam really makes up for all the coursework!!

2. You meet the best people when doing exhibitions or fairs or in a creative job. (Or at art university!) Some of the loveliest people are the most eccentric and creative and really make life way more interesting!

3. If being an artist or designer is something you do in your spare time or what you do for a living, its an amazing way to express yourself creatively. There is nothing better than to stick on some music, have a cup of tea and just create something so personal to you and just be free to do whatever you want.

4. One of the best feelings is when someone either compliments your work or even buys your work. Its so rewarding sharing something you have put your heart and soul into and then having someone love it enough to want to own and display in their home. Its a massive confidence boost.

5. I think that above all, having something that you are so passionate about that when you are sat at your easel or holding a pencil and paper you are completely oblivious to all your worries and problems. Its a great escape from the stresses of life.