A bit of an update...

I haven't posted much (or anything) about my new work or ideas for a good few months- apologies!

Over the past 6 months I have built up a little studio with various pieces of equipment so I can properly start designing and weaving again just like the good old days at university!

I bought a Harris table loom in a charity shop. Ridiculously lucky!!

I started a mini project a few months ago based on the colours of the seaside holiday. With this being my first "project" on my own fresh out of the bubble of uni, I wanted to get a colour palette together to get to grips with ordering yarn, designing and weaving without guidance and getting back into my design routine.
I started out how I always do- with photography. I went to an old fashioned sweet shop in Eastbourne and took some pictures of the colourful deliciousness.

After painting and simplifying down the colour and proportions, I gathered together some warp and weft designs to put on the loom and experiment and sample.

I am now building up a collection of lambswool fabrics which I intend to make into a colourful collection of one-off cushions that will eventually be available to buy. The fabrics are so soft and scrummy and would be perfect to cheer up any home!

I am already thinking ahead to Autumn where I plan to design and make a collection of gorgeous hand woven scarves inspired by one of my favourite places on the planet- Loch Fyne on the west coast of Scotland. The photos I took of my last trip there are so full of rich, autumnal colours that it seems a no brainer to use them to come up with some beautiful designs for cosy, lambswool scarves.