The June Scarf

I've been wanting to make a scarf collection for a while and I have now finally designed and woven my first ever scarf- the June scarf! 
Inspired by the colours of Miami Art Deco, I designed this warp back in the summer

I then adapted this design to form an alternating stripe design with a descending stripe pattern integrated within it. 

The weft design is similar to the warp with a descending stripe pattern and using the same juicy colours as the warp using the simple but underrated plain weave structure! Can't beat a good bit of plain weave! 

Woven on my simple 4 shaft Harris table loom using British supplied lambs wool, it just goes to show that a design doesn't have to be complicated and crazy to be beautiful. A simple stripe, a simple weave and gorgeous bright colours is all you need to create something lovely and wearable. 

I'm super pleased with how my first scarf design has turned out and I will be making many more which will be available to buy... Stay tuned!